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Besides disease, many plants and animals have been brought to new environments with varying consequences. Colonial rebellion against the governor of Virginia in Agreement made by the Pilgrims in when they landed at Plymouth. Great Awakening A series of religious revivals swept through the colonies in the s. When the Stamp Act controversy was in effect, his home was ransacked in The convention ultimately scrapped the Articles and came up with the much more effective Constitution, in which various compromises were made to pacify sectional differences. His ideas were not accepted among the Quaker majority, so in he joined the Church of England.

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There existed, between many of the colonial merchants, an agreement to not import any British goods until the Townshend acts were repealed.

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They realized that if they could intimidate stamp distributors with house-wrecking and tar-and-feathers, they could bully them into resigning before the act could be put into effect, making it impracticable. The first called for suspension of the New York Assembly because it would not abide by the Quartering Act. In Colonial America the lower house had increasingly equal if not more power than the upper house. The thirteen states established a permanent government in in the form of a confederation which included a congress that represented the states and had the power to conduct Indian and foreign affairs, mediate disputes between states, and establish a standard for weights and measures. It infuriated colonists because it was an internal tax that few could escape. These were attempts to prevent manufacturing in the British colonies that might threaten the economy of England. Puritans The Puritans first came to America in on the Mayflower.

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